About Us

Benchmark Landscape Group is a Landscape Architecture / Design and Horticultural practice which has experience in creating inspirational, dynamic and authentically engaging spaces within our local and interstate environments.

We are a creative ideas company, passionate about landscape architecture, horticulture and conservation with the ability to deliver excellent services within the entire spectrum of landscape.

We believe that landscape design creativity adds value to any project and strive to implement innovative and personalised design solutions. We have a proven track record in the delivery of multiple prestigious projects locally and interstate with an exceptional, dynamic, diverse skill set combining 50 years of knowledge in all facets of landscape.

Who we are

We are a Cairns based landscape architectural Design and Maintenance practice formed 10 years ago. Founder and Director of Papillon Landscapes for 15 years based in Port Douglas prior to its sale.

Benchmark Landscape Group has a team of Landscape Architects and designers, landscape construction specialists and highly experienced horticulturalists. We also collaborate with a large network of specialist and skilled contractors as required so our clients can feel comfortable in receiving the highest of industry standards.

We have successfully delivered a variety of different types of projects:

Parks and open space projects

Retail projects

Residential projects

Roof Gardens

Corporate and Commercial projects

Hotel and Resort projects

A famous little quote to dwell on…


If you think good design is expensive you should look at the cost of bad design.

Our Team

Benchmark Landscape Group has a team of Landscape Architects and designers, landscape construction specialists and highly experienced horticulturalists. We also collaborate with a large network of specialist and skilled contractors as required so our clients can feel comfortable in receiving the highest of industry standards.

Our combined journey in landscape and horticulture is truly inspiring – stemming from a young journey in Europe. Landscape is such a fulfilling experience, having the opportunity to create something that inspires yet allows others to gain so much enjoyment from is the passion that keeps us going. We hope you enjoy the journey.

Colin Cameron

Associate Diploma of Applied Science (Landscape) / Diploma Horticulture / Licensed Builder Landscape / Director / Landscape Designer / Operations Manager

About Colin

I had the luxury of travelling and landscaping in Europe for 8 years where my real obsession started with landscape. I returned to Sydney where I studied Associate Diploma of Applied Science (landscape) and started Papillon Landscapes. Having worked throughout Sydney’s exclusive suburbs the urge to travel struck again and Port Douglas saw the extension of Papillon Landscapes for the foreseeable future before its sale in 2015. I continued with the passion of landscape and design for the next four years, whilst consulting for vegetation companies, select clientele and engaged throughout our indigenous communities. The passion of landscape and horticulture drew me to engaging the creative team above and hence the beginning of Benchmark Landscape Group in 2019.


Diploma in Landscape Design Czech Republic / Dipoma  Horticulture / Landscape Designer / Horticultural Manager

About Zuzana

Zuzana is originally from the Czech Republic a beautiful small village near the famous beer city “Cseske Budejovice” – Czech Budweis. Spending her summer holidays in the fields and gardens of her grandparents learning the wonderful gift of growing fruit and vegetables for the winter months. Having elected a subject specializing in gardening at high school led to university and a degree in horticulture and Design. During these years a small family business grew specializing in outdoor living spaces, landscaped design and garden design. A Master’s degree in Design was to follow with a gap year for the lure of learning English and onto Australia and Cairns. The creation is in the detail both small and large creating that tropical living space.


Bachelor of Design, Landscape Architecture (Hons) – Qld University of Technology

About Lochlan

Lochlan started working in landscape construction and maintenance in Cairns in his school holidays and upon completing High school during his GAP year. The passion and curiosity of design led him to studying Landscape Architecture at Qld University of Technology in Brisbane. He has been involved in the landscape industry whilst studying Landscape Architecture, from the tropical north and within the Brisbane metro area. “It gives me a great basis around the planning processes and designs for sites of different environments,  after learning that landscapes can enhance the mental and physical well-being of people`s lives I feel privileged that I can help people and communities with design”. To help people with functional designs making life that little easier gives me a great feeling of satisfaction. He still is engaged by landscape companies which he enjoys as it  gives me a hands-on approach plus all the practical knowledge across different designs.

James Sing

Horticulturalist / Aroid Enthusiast Extraordinaire 

About James

My passion for plants runs in my family with my father being president and one of the founders of the rare fruit society in Cairns. I grew up around plants yet my culinary expertise led me on a journey to Asia. I have returned with my family and have dedicated time back to the horticultural sector working with the Cairns Botanical and Benchmark.

“There is no golden chalice in what we create purely the enjoyment we see in our clientele and our own satisfaction – whilst creating the journey and stepping back for the ride”.


 Maintenance Specialists

Louise Nicholson


About Louise

The backbone of every good business – We just do as she says! Isn`t that right Louise?


To bring some of our designs to fruition, Benchmark Landscape Group often collaborates with our affiliated landscape construction associates in Mitch Mackie – Cascade Landscapes and Mick – Tradewinds Landscapes.

We are fully qualified all facets of landscape construction combined we have managed hundreds of projects varying in size and complexity. We bring a wealth of construction experience to each job and pride ourselves on delivering high quality workmanship and attention to detail.

Benchmark Landscape Group have a team of professionals for all garden maintenance requirements no matter what the complexity or size. Managed by Zuzana from the inception guarantees your satisfaction as our team bring extensive horticulture experience and dedication which is an essential element in the way the garden matures.