Our Services

Although based in Cairns our work allows us to be involved with clients throughout the region and interstate. Our practice is well-equipped to manage all scale of projects and is particularly skilled in all aspects of landscape consultation, planning and design, construction and landscape maintenance from the initial identification and appraisal of sites through to the design phase and delivery of your masterplan. We offer a variety of services from:

Spatial planning 

Landscape design


Design concepts

Sketch plans   

Planting plans

Detailed construction plans 

Graphic presentations

Garden maintenance

Plant sales

Landscape lighting


Our consultation is designed to advise of professional Landscape Design Principals. This will incorporate plants and raw materials that create an exciting outdoor experience. We will work with you to make the best outcomes and use of your area creating beautiful and practical spaces. 

Landscape Design Packages

We focus on the visual, but also on the experience to create spaces that will be enjoyed and savoured for years to come.

Landscape Construction Services

We are experienced in estimating detailed landscaping and outdoor construction, including those with significant building work.

Horticultural Garden Maintenance

At Benchmark Landscape Group we provide an array of landscape maintenance services to ensure your landscape develops to its optimum potential maintaining a vibrant health and enjoyable outdoor environment.

A famous little quote to dwell on…


To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

Audrey Heburn